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All second hand / charity shops were required to close from 24 Debember 2020, and could re-open by appointment from 10 May 2021, or for general admission from 17 May 2021.

See Second hand shops which were open in Galway for a list of shops which operated previously but are not open now..

Shops which are open now include:

COPE Galway in St Augustine St

Shop opened from 8 June - late December 2020.

Reopened from 11:30am on 17 May 2021
.   Donations accepted at their headquarters in Tuam Rd only - not at the shop.

Cancer Care West in Merchant's Rd 

Re-opened from  July - December 2020.   Re-opened from mid-May 2021.

Enable Ireland in Cross Street

Opened from 17 May 2021 - photo coming soon.

Galway SPCA shop in St Augustine St

Re-opened in the week starting 21 June 2020.

Oxfam - Lower Abbeygate Street

Re-opened Monday 8 June.  Donations accepted now.

Vincent's (VDP) in Merchant's Road

Opened  8 June - 23 December 2020.
Reopened from 17 May 2021

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