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This is a list of specialist off-licence alcohol (wine, beer and more) stores in Galway city. It does not include every pub or convenience store that does off-premises alcohol sales - but may have ones that have a separate, photogenic entrance!

See previous off-licences in Galway city for shops that have closed.

Cavavin the Wine Store

Opened in July 2022 ... read more

Fine Wines off licence group - in Fairhill Rd and Westside

O'Brien's Wines  in Galway Shopping Centre

Richardson's in Prospect Hill

An old-school offie, just off Eyre Square ... read more 

The Wine Buff - Eglinton St

Now in a new shop, two doors up the road from their original.

The upgraded Wine Buff - December 2021

The original Wine Buff store.

Thomas Woodberrys in Middle St

The home of quirky signs about wine - call them on 091 533706 

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