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Cafes / bakeries

From 3pm on 24 December, cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve on takeaway basis only

The list below shows Galway city cafes which are open in this way - or were open December, and have not yet indicated their plans for January 20201.  It will be updated in early January.

From midnight on Wednesday 22 October 2020, cafes in Ireland are only allowed to serve on a delivery or collection / takeaway basis.

From Wednesday 7 October 2020, pubs, cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve on a takeaway / deliver basis, or up to 15 people e at at a time provided they are - and they must be seated outside.  Inside service is allowed only for hotel residents. 

From 29 June 2020, cafes are permitted to offer eat-in service.  Some are going to start doing so immediately, others will take more time to move away from a takeaway-only approach.

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An Tobar Nua in Dominick St

Open from 8:30am, Monday to Saturday - from 25 May.

From 7 October - open for takeaway only

Butler's Chocolate Cafe in William Street

Re-opened for chocolates and coffee in the week starting 8 June.  
Takeaway only.

Café Express / Archies in Shop St 

This was the third cafe in the city-centre to re-open for takeaway coffees in April 2020 - after the queues in Le Petit Délice and McCambridges grew.

Open for takeaway coffee and sweets, days and hours are not on display, but they have been open seven days a week and until fairly late each afternoon.

And in July 2020, they transformed into Archies.

From 7 October, still open for takeaway coffee and icecreams, with more structured outdoor seating.


Café Express The Italian Experience in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre

Re-opened in the week starting 8 June - this outlet seems unconnected to the Cafe Express which was in Williamsgate Street.

From 7 October - open for takeaway only.

Cafe Nero in Eyre Square

Re-opened in the week starting 21 June 2020

From 7 October - open for takeaway and with limited outdoor seating.

Cafe Roscoe in Eglinton St

Re-opened in the week starting 8 June 2020.  Hours 10am - 2:30pm initially, now extended to 9am to 3pm.

From 7 October, takeaway, and with limited outdoor seating.

C'est la Vie! boulangerie in Terryland Business Park

Open from Mon-Sat, 8am to at 3pm - from early April at least.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, and with limted outdoor seating.

Ciarlantini in High Street

Newly opened in late November 2020, read more ...

Ciarlantini in Woodquay

From 7 October, open for takeaway, and with limited outdoor seating.

Coco in Salthill

Open for takeaway coffee and food ( limited menu) from mid/late April.

Coffee+ in Mervue

Open 8am -3:30pm Monday to Friday,  from 18 May.

From 7 October, open Monday to Friday 8-5 and Saturday 9-2 -takeaway only.

Coffee Hut in the retail park carpark on the Headford Rd

This is a classic take-away only "cafe".  It has been open since mid April at least - and may never have closed - serving excellent coffee from the base of an advertising sign in a shopping-centre car-park.   They have some outdoor chairs and tables:  These were left folded-up when they had to be take-away only, but have been put out again more recently.  

Coffeewerk + Press in High St,

Open 10-30am -5pm from Wednesday to Sunday, from 6 May.

From 9 October, takeaway, and with limited outdoor seating.

Espresso 44 in Williams Street

Open from Monday 18 May, serving coffee and treats. Initial opening hours Monday- Saturday 8-4 and Sunday 9-4

From 7 October, open for takeaway only

Gina's Gelato in William Street

Open from 2 May, serving ice-creams / gelato, coffee and waffles.

Takeaway only  all the time.

Goyas in Kirwan's Lane

This long-standing bakery stayed open throughout the closedown, although the sit-down coffee-shop was closed.

By mid-August, they were open 10am - 4:30pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

From 7 October, serving outside only (wiht an extended seating areaa) - but the bakery is open for all regular takeaway products from Wednesday to Saturday.

Open in early January 2021 on the same basis - closed for a week from 18 - 24 January though.

Grind Coffee and Food Hub - city-centre and Briarhill

Briarhill opened for takeaway only service from late May.  By July they were offering dine in.

From 7 October, Briarhill and Merchant's Rd are open for takeaway, with limtied outdoor seating.

Gourmet Food Parlour in Salthill

Open  12-noon to 9pm, Thursday to Sunday,  from 7 May.

From 7 October, open for takeaway only

Gourmet Tart - in Abbeygate St, Ravens Tce, Salthill and Galway Shopping Centre

Re-opeend in July.
From 21 October, takeaway only

Ground and Co in Salthill

Sunday Brunch boxes - order here
Opened for takeaway and eat in on 1 July 2020.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with limited outdoor seating.

Hazel Mountain chocolate cafe in Middle Street

Re-opened for chocolate, coffee and cake in the week starting 21 June 2020.  
Takeaway only.

Java Creperie and Cafe Francais 

Initially open from 30 April for tea/coffee and baking from 11am - 5pm, weekdays.
By 15 May the hours had extended to 12-7pm with a wider range of snacks - and by 22 May the crepes, soups and salads were back on the (now takeaway) menu).

Opening for eat-in on 29 June 2020.

From 7 October - open for takeaway only.

Jianbing Bar in Quay Street

Re-oened in ?   
From 21 October, open for takeaway only.

Jump Juice Bar in Corrib Court Shopping Centre 

Rropened again in February 2021

Le Petit Delice in Mainguard Street

Re-opened for takeaway coffee / food in late March.  Started home deliveries in early April, and progressively increased services until they were offering regular menu and eat-in from mid July.

From 7 October, takeaway only - and home deliveries are still available on Tuesday and Friday.

Lighthouse Cafe (vegetarian / vegan) in Terryland.

Opened for takeaways on Wed 2 July. initial hours, Wed - Sat, 10am to 4pm.

Over time, increased hours and allowed dine-in.

From 7 October, takeaway, with very limited outdoor seating.   

Form 221 October, takeaway only

Little Lane Coffee Company in Upper Abbeygate St 

Webshop for coffee  / equipment stayed open 24x7

Re-opened 6 May, originally Wednesday to Sunday only.   Hours increased over time - by July, they were back to regular hours, offerin coffee, treats, retail coffee to eat-in or takeaway - as well as coffee-brewing equipment.

From 7 October, takeaway wjtb very limited outdoor seating..

The  grocery shop remained open throughout, and the and coffee bar re-opened very quickly.  

The upstairs restaurant reopened on 9 July, from 10am-4pm.

From 7 October, the restaurant is closed but the coffee bar, deli and grocery shop are open,  Some and some outside seating is available.

Mixgreens in Newcastle Rd

Open from July.

Mocha Beans in Cross Street

Re-opened for eat-in and takaway from July 2020.
Still offering takeaway from 21 October.

Mocha Beans Newcastle (where 56 West used to be)

Mr Waffle Newcastle 

During the original close-down, this cafe was at the centre of an major effort providing thousands of sponsored lunches for front-line healthcare workers.

Reopened on Tuesday, 19 May 2020, serving coffees, pastries and Leroy's sausage rolls, with a reduced menu coming.  Usual hours, Monday to Friday from 9am - 2:30pm

From July, offering regular eat-in dining.

From 7 October, takeaway only, open 8am - 4pm, Monday to Sunday.

From 21 October, takewaway only.  Eat-in from 4-24 December, then back to takeaway again.

O'Connors Bakery and Coffee Shop in St Francis St and Salthill

Has been open throughout for bread, bakery goods, and also doing takeaway coffee.

From July, offering eat-in.

From 7 October, open for takeaway only

O'Hehir's Bakery in Briarhill, Westside and Terryland 

Have stayed open throughout for bakery goods - deli counters have reopened in many of their shops, too.

Pascal Coffee House in Lower Abbeygate Street

Opened for pre-ordered coffee / pancakes from Friday 1 May, Friday - Sunday, with ordering being placed at the door.   Extending opening days to Wednesday - Sunday and hours to 9am - 4pm from 20 May 2020 - and the menu increased to include pancakes and then sandwiches / pastries.

Opened properly for eat-in on Monday 29 June.

From 7 October, takeaway only - and they are offering a delivery service, initially in the inner city only.

Open for eat-in from 4-24 December.

Open for pre-order and collection or delivery (no walk-ins) from 3 January. 

Revive and Revive and Go in Eyre Street 

Re-opened on Monday 29 June 

From 7 October, open for takeaway, and with a covered outdoor patio behind the cafe off Rosemary Ave.

From 22 October, only Revive-and-Go is open.

Secret Garden in William St West

Open 10am-5pm from 3 May for takeaway energy-treats, tea, coffee, loose-leaf tea and smoothies.  
Re-opened for dine-in customers in July.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with outdoor seating in the back yard.

From 7 October, offering limited outdoor seating in their rear garden, as well as takeaway.

Starbucks in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre

Re-opened on in the week starting 8 June
From 7 October, takeaway only.

Vegano Deli (plant-based/vegan) in Shantalla

Open 1-4pm from Saturday 2 May - days / hours vary as they are working on the premises.
This shop is takeaway only, so is still open from 7 October onwards.  

From 4 January, pre-order only, no walk-up customers.

The Creamery in Salthill

Open for ice reams, coffee and takeaway food, from mid April.  9am -6pm, every day.
From July, open for eat-in dining.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with limited outdoor seating.
From 21 October, takeaway only

From 4-24 December, dine in and takeaway.
Closed 25-26 December.
Open for takeaway from 27 December.

From early January, pre-order on

Brazco Coffee Academy in Oranmore 

Open for takeaway coffee and baking 7:30am - 12:30pm on weekdays, and slight different hours at weekends.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with limited outdoor seating.

Thomas and Co, Oranmore

Open Monday to Sunday, 10am - 7pm, from 9 May.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with limited outdoor seating.

Trieste Café and Wine Bar - Buttermilk Walk

From 28 April, Meat and Cheese board boxes (including nuts, fruits and bread/ crackers) are available from Thursday to Sunday. Order by phone or  WhatsApp to 083 046 8241 or through their Facebook page.  For collection  or they deliver within 8 miles of  the city.  You must pre-pay over the phone.

From mid-July. open for eat-in dining.

From 7 October, open for takeaway, with limited - but heated - outdoor seating.

From 21 October, providing  delivery / call and collet gourmet boxes only.

Urban Grind in William Street West

Open for takeaway tea / coffee, sandwiches and treats on Thurs / Fri 8am - 4pm, and Sat/Sun 9am -?pm, from 8 May.

Open for eat-in customers from July 2020.

From7 October:
Open 8am - 4pm (9am-4pm Sat/Sun) for coffee / pastries: these are takeaway only:
Brunch menu in the garden, 8am - 3pm (Sat/Sun 9am - 3pm).

From 4-24 December, open for dine-in.

closed over Christmas.   
From 29 December, takeaway only, limited hours/days - check their Facebook page for details.

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