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Festivals in Galway

Galway is the Festival capital of Ireland - you name it, Galway city or county has a festival for it.

This is an updated list of festivals which are "open" in 2020 and beyond, in Galway city and county.

The Covid-19 pandemic has means radical change for many festivals:  we've seen (hopefully temporary) cancellations for some festivals, and changes to the programme and delivery of others - and some new festivals and events have emerged, celebrating what we can do, now.

If there is a festival that needs to be added, leave a message in the Comments box at the bottom of the page, or message Open in Galway in Facebook.



Galway Fringe Festival

Galway's alternative to the big name arts fest:  running between July and September, with a series of pop-up, online, at home and outdoor events.


Galway Races Summer Meeting 

The racing in behind closed gates - but the party is in the city centre anyway.  See the list of open pub in Galway for inspiration. 

Galway Pride Festival

Mix of online and in-person events ... read more.

Woodford Furnace Festival 

In 2020, an online celebration of smelting .... read more


Clifden Arts Festival

A long standing community arts festival, this year running as a five-day event in September.  See the programme on their website

Culture Night

A nation-wide event on  the third Friday in September.   Will be more online than usual in 2020, but some in-person events will go ahead.  See their website.

Galway International Arts Festival  autumn edition 

For 2020, a reduced programme of limited-audience or on-line events.  Read more ....


An online gospel choir festival hosted by the director of Ignite GospelChoir.  ... read more

Galway Bike Festival 

A week of events promoting bicycle use.

Galway's Oyster Festival 

Celebrating our most-famous seafood ... read more

October / November 

Galway Cartoon Festival

Planning if for a physical exhibition and some online events   ... read more

BaborĂ³ International Arts Festival for Children

A programme in October.   Includes online and small in-person events  ... read more

Urban Walking

A new event, celebrating one of the things we can still do together in Covid-time - walking outside.  See their website (coming soon).

Tulca Festival of Visual Arts

A programme of events, starting in October and continuing until March 2021  (expanded timeline to cater for post-Covid restrictions) .. read more.

Circuit transdisciplinary arts festival 

Street art starting in October ... read more


Galway Science Festival  .... this year as a virtual festival.


3 Kinds of Music - this year a digital pop-up festival with music from different genres throughout the day.

Winter Festival - Galway Early Music:   in 2020, two-day online event featuring Christmas carols, wassals and other seasonal songs from Europe and America.

Circuit Arts Festival - transforming vacant spaces around the city into visual art showpieces. Venues include the Cornstore:  Circuit One exhibition.







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