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Pubs which were open in Galway city

About this list

In mid-March 2020, all pubs in Ireland were requested to close as part of the public-health response to Covid-19.

Restaurants and cafés were allowed to open from 29 June 2020. Some venues which are mainly pubs do also serve food, and opened around this date as restaurants - customers were required to purchase a meal worth at least €9 and sittings limited to 105 minutes.   Pubs that did not serve food (or could not serve food in-conjunction with another local business) became known as "wet pubs".

All pubs in Ireland, except for wet-pubs in Dublin were able to open, under social distancing guidelines, from 21 September 2020.

From Wednesday 7 October 2020, pubs, cafes and restaurants allowed to serve on a takeaway / deliver basis, or up to 15 people at a time provided they are seated outside.  Inside service is allowed only for hotel residents.

From midnight on Wednesday 22 October 2020, until Friday 4 December, pubs in Ireland were only allowed to serve on a delivery or takeaway / off-license basis.

From 4 December, pubs which are also restaurants, ie have a kitchen and chef, can open - under new restrictions.   Pubs which are not restaurants (so-called "wet pubs") could only open on a delivery or takeaway basis.

From 3pm on 24 December, pubs and restaurants were allowed to be open for takeaway - many have decided to close totally for the time being.

From 7 June 2021, pubs were allowed to open for outdoor, seated table-service.

This list shows pubs that opened any time in this period, but which are closed now.  It was updated more-or-less daily as venues made announcements, or stay closed.

Galway-city pubs which re-opened between June and October 2020

Lough Inn in Woodquay 

Re-opening on Monday 21 September 2020.
From 7 October- closed. 

McBrides in Dominick Street 

Reopened as a gastro-pub on 22 July. 
Open Wednesday to Sunday, sittings at 3 dining slots available each evening: 5.30pm, 7.30pm and 9.30pm.  Bookings, email or phone (086) 044 7301. 
Closed from Wednesday 8 October.

Open for in-door dining from 4-24 December 2020.  Then closed.

Murphys in High Street 

Reopened on 21 September 
Closed from 7 October.

July 2021:   Following a death in the family, this pub has not re-opened.   It is now up for sale.  

Galway-city pubs which did not re-open after the March 2020 closedown.

E Brún in Dominick Street

Signage has been removed from this pub - it will not re-open under this name.

Paddy's in Prospect Hill

Announced in August 2020 that they would not be opening under current management.   


The bar and restaurant complex has not re-opened.   The building was proposed to be converted to offices in May 2020.

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