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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taste at Born (Goodness Cakes)

Update:  Taste @ Born is no more.  Premises is undergoing some substantial renovation.   I guess you could say it's now ... Tasteless!

The riverside terrace and restaurant-space in the Born Store in Abhainn na mBradán,Newtonsmith is the most fabulous light and sunny cafe setting in Galway City.

Taste @ Born is the current management, and they've done an excellent job in making it a welcoming, and frankly, tasty, place to visit, while catering to virtually every known dietary preference or requirement ever invented (raw, coeliac, veggo, vegan, you name it they do it - without being OTT about it).

Dessert display table with cupcakes and other delicacies - and showing off the natually-lit ambience of the cafe area on the banks of the Corrib River

Even if you haven't got a sweet tooth, the cake table is a visual treat, and the helpful staff make sure you have time to browse, and are promptly served when you're ready.

Thankfully the cupcake fad  seems to be waning, so while the crazy-icing-topping-tiny-cake-lets from Goodness Cakes are still on show they're no longer the only game in town.

rhubarb crumble with crunchy oat topping and a light dusting of icing sugar - delightfully tart and sweet in the same mouthful

Open seven days

Address:  Abhainn na mBradán, Newtonsmith, Galway
Phone:     091 563-049

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