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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Golden Cafe

Update:  Golden Café closed again sometime before Christmas 2015.

This cafe opened in summer 2015 in a very accessible premises at the top of Middle Street, which used to be a charity shop - just across the road from the former Pro-Cathedral building.

It's not a large shop, but certainly makes good use of the space.   And the bench outside is a good spot for enjoying your coffee on a sunny day.

Not just cakes and coffee, there's also a made-to-order sandwich bar, and the usual scones, croissants, breakfasts etc.

They tried opening on Sunday initially, but now it's six days a week.

The owners are artistic as well as hard working and it's worth a visit just to look at the wall-size mural of the Long Walk and the mouth of the Corrib, complete with golden swans.

The promise on opening day was that this is the only café in Galway offering "the only coffee in Galway sprinkled with real 24 carat gold" - as an Americano drinker, I'm not sure whether that particular concept was popular, but I can say that my unsprinkled black coffee was very good, and accompanied by a very welcome sweet-treat.

Website:       none so far
Telephone:  TBA

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