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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Boston Donuts


In the 3rd week of February 2022, the Boston Donuts shop was closed for a few days for "urgent maintenance" according to the sign on the door.   On Tuesday 22nd, their immediate closure was announced on Facebook.

The original story

This popular chain of donut stores opened their first shop in Galway city on 29 August 2020.

It's located at the top of High Street, facing into the triangular area which some people call The Circle, immediately opposite Tig Coili's pub,  where some of the city's best buskers can be seen.  The shop was previously an upmarket shoe-store.

A local version of the American donut chain, the menu includes a wide range of coffees, and donuts decorated to within an inch of their lives.   In summertime, soft-serve icecream was added to the menu, and the giant cone displayed on the street distracted many a small child.

They had a busy first day, selling out by mid-afternoon, but promised to be back at 10am tomorrow - and they were

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