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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Churros n' Coffee

This new twist in Galway's thriving coffee scene opened in the first week of June 2021 - just in time for summer's first bank holiday weekend.

The closest cafe to St Nicholas' Collegiate Church, they're in the shop which was Archie's ice-creams last summer, and before that Cafe Express, next door to Roots.  There's now a building-size mural painted on the gable-end, which brightens the view from St Nicholas market / church-door.   Hopefully the city planners won't notice!

Churros are dough snacks from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, traditionally deep-fried - and this shop is sticking to the tradition.   They've featured on the menu in Cava and Hooked and in the occasional food-stall, but this is Galway's first shop-based takeaway churros experience.

The coffee is branded Coffee Nation, which this doesn't seem to have any other outlets in Ireland at the moment.

Side of building size painting of the Long Walk and River Corrib with a Galway Hooker, and a large bunch of multi-coloured balloons

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