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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Coco To Go

This mini version of the previous Coco Cafe in Shop Street, Coco to Go opened in mid August 2021.   They're joining sister cafes in Liosbaun and Salthill, but on a smaller scale.

Sited at the top of  Williamsgate Street, which is currently being called Sráid Gheata Liam by Google Maps, in the tiny corner shop next to Holland's newsagents, which was previously the city's smallest Vodafone shop.

Offering everything a good café should, with a range of tasty takeaway treats a some non-caffeinated beverages for the days when you don't need a shot.

No room for seating, so no need for vaccines certifies here!

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Coco to Go in August 2021, featuring coffee from Java Republic

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