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Thursday, October 7, 2021


Freddy's Restaurant is something of a Galway institution, offering a cheerful combination of eat-in-pizza and witty sayings (window blinds with "Shut Happens", offers of espresso and free kittens for unattended children) for longer than pretty much anyone can remember.

Located in the ground floor of The Halls, a "medieval" (well, old at least) office building, located at 15 Quay St, they're right in the heart of what's currently called the Latin Quarter.

When Covid-19 arrived in 2020, they closed just like every other restaurant, and then re-opened for dine-in in the week starting 29 June 2020,  closed from 7 October, closed and then open again 4 December - 24 December 2020.

After that, rather than rush to re-open, they did a very long, deep and careful renovation of the entire premises. They also slimmed down, changing from Fat Freddy's to plain ordinary Freddy's. And in the first week of October 2021,they opened the hatch, and started selling coffee, focaccia and sweet treats in the daytime.   And once life returned to normal, the tasty focaccia became part of the standard lunchtime menu.

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Phone (091) 567 279

Freddy's Focaccia Hatch, opened in October 2021

Fat Freddys, open for indoor dining in June 2020

Fat Freddys famous sign, taunting letter-stealing students in 2018

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