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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

18CTEA The Bubble Tea Expert - Cross Street


After closing for a break just after Christmas, 18CTea has never re-opened.   The business has been listed for sale - but in now mid-March 2023, and the doors were still closed.  In June 2023, there's a small hand-written "for sale" sign in the window. 


This Dublin-based bubble tea shop opened a branch in Galway city-centre in early March 2022.

They're in Cross Street, in a small shop which was White Rabbit before the Covid -19 close down, and the original home of The Pie Maker before that - next door to the sometime-ice-cream store

The shop has has an extensive refurbishment, and now has sparkly neon inside, and a matt-red with dark blue trim paint job outside. 

The menu includes a range of chewy bobba / bubble teas, and also hot Asian Fusion street food dishes including chicken wings and prawn tempura soup.

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