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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Ré Tea


Sometime in January / February 2024, Ré Tea stopped opening.  There's a sign on the door saying "sorry closed, see you tomorrow" - but tomorrow never came 

Until March when the doors opened and the bubble-tea started flowing again.


This Xi'an cafe bar / bubble tea shop opened in Quay Street in mid-March 2022.   They've got a nice mix of a little indoor seating, some outdoor seating - and a busy takeaway business.

They're in the small premises between Slides and Coffeewerk + Press, which used to be home to Jianbing Bar - and has now had a refit inside and a point job on the outside.

The menu is modular:  For the main, you choose a meal type, protein, filling and toppings. For tea, you choose a style (milk, fruit or fizzy), type of tea, (Barry's, Lyons, Assam, Oolong, Jasmine green), flavour - and a few more options which are linked to the type of tea.   It all adds up to lots of options, with an easy way to choose the combination you want.  They also have some special-deals:  jianbing or bowl with bubble tea for €12.50, or white-bun with bubble-tea for €8.50.    

Facebook |   Insta   |    Phone (091) 568 962

Reetea Galway menu - main course choices:    type of meal (bowl, jianbing, or bun), protein (crispy chicken fillet, red braised pork belly, vegetarian duck, sausage and bacon, beef, roast duck, falafel, mixed vegetabel),  filling (noodles, plain rice, fried-rice), sauce (satay, curry, Peking, teriyaki, amber, hoisin), toppings (cheese, dried onion flakes, baked sesame seeds, peanuts, Xi'an chilli oil, mixed leaves)

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