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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Roastery Lane


As quietly as they appeared, Roastery Lane close in October-ish the same year.   No signs or explanations, just newspaper over the windows.   Sadly missed - they really did do excellent coffee.

Original listing

This small-but well-placed cafe opened in Forster Street in early March 2022.

They're in the corner unit in Kiltartan House, which was briefly home to  Kazanoo Blow-dry Bar.   They have some outside seating and a couple of stools inside, but this is mainly a takeaway outlet.

Perfectly located for people heading to or from the Coach Station, they serve excellent Bristol coffee quickly, as well as a handy range of baked goods, packed sandwiches and non-caffeinated drinks.  And they're understanding about the challenges of balancing bags, bus-tickets and refreshments.

Phone:    087 754 2727


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