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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Salsa Authentic Mexican Food

This Dublin-based bar and restaurant opened their first authentic Mexican food restaurant in Galway in the first week of October, 2022.

They're located in Upper Abbeygate Street, in a restaurant which used to be Da Paulino's,  right next door to the former Electric nightclub.  The place has had a thorough refit, an intricate Mexican mural painted on one wall, and a fresh coat of bright orange paint. 

Signage is a little "home-made" at the moment, probably just enough to get them open.

The menu is classic Mex:  First you choose from burrito/bowl, tacos, gringo, nachos or tortia.  Then you pick a filling (pork, beef, chicken,  chorizo or veggie-mix), then sauce, sides and extras.

More info, and possibly even a food review, coming soon.

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