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Friday, November 11, 2022

Jungle Cafe

Originally a small coffee outlet at the back of Go Dutch florist, Jungle Cafe first opened in 2012 in Forster Street, diagonally opposite the private Coach Station. 

Over time, the trees grew and the flowers shrank:  Eventually Go Dutch consolidated in Salthill and the cafe took over the whole place, adding a proper kitchen, a brazen bright orange colour scheme, and a big courtyard eat-in area.

They've opened outposts from time to time, Jungle Beach in an old lifeguard hut in Salthill, and a short-lived coffee spot in the former tourist kiosk.  

Jungle Cafe 2015 - bright orange, with an monkeys keeping an eye on things.

Jungle in May 2020 - takeaway only

Jungle in April 2021

Orange fades though, and in November 2022, Jungle announced that their Forster Street location was closing - they hopes to open again soon, somewhere in the city.

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