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Monday, October 2, 2023

Cafe Nua, Briarhill

Update, January 2024

Cafe Nua opened in the quiet days between Christmas and New Year, but hasn't been open since 1 January.   There's a sign on Home Gallery's door saying "restaurant closed today" - and it's not clear if Nua are on a long holiday or closed for good.

Originally ...

Nua took over the cafe in Home Gallery in Briarhill Business Park (previously  Roots cafe), in late August 2023 - although the signs outside weren't changed until the start of October.

Branching out from their original store in Moycullen, they started gently, after fitting  a new coffee machine and refreshing the decor.  The first few days they kept the menu very small (coffee and scones) while getting the kitchen under control gradually sandwiches, salads and adding some hot food options.   There's also a small selection of pastries and scones - smaller but more reasonably-priced than Roots offered.

The cafe now has some very comfortable couches to complement the three sections of traditional tables, and a relaxed welcoming vibe which comes from having staff who are happy to be there and enjoy welcoming people, be they local workers on a quick break or shoppers having a leisurely lunch.

Lunch is served from 12-noon - exact days and hours still being worked out.

Phone:   +353 91 399 203
Address:  Unit 8 Briarhill Business Park


An early lunch menu

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