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Monday, December 11, 2023

Hungry Eyes

This is a casual takeaway and dine-in restaurant, offering Irish, Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine.  It  opened on Monday 11 December 2023.

Hungry Eyes is located at the top end of Abbeygate Street, on the corner of Newtonsmith and St Mary Street - diagonally opposite Sally Longs.  This building used to be home to The Gourmet Offensive / TGO Falafel, and long before that La Salsa:  Over the last year or two, it's been totally re-constructed and now has a far larger ground-floor restaurant space, as well as an accommodation complex upstairs.

The opening menu includes very reasonably-priced full-Irish and mini-Irish breakfasts and lunch-time dishes - sandwiches (ham and cheese ciabatta, toastie and chips, chicken ciabatta and chips, or cajun chicken wrap and chips).  Starters are mainly Irish classics (soup, chowder, crumbed mushrooms, cauliflower wings, chicken wings, chicken-and-bacon salad, beetroot and goats cheese salad, salmon salad, prawn cocktail).   Dinner includes fish (calamari, fish-and-chips-, fried salmon, seafood linguine), chicken (goujons, chicken-supreme with rice), beef (burger, steak sandwich, striploin steak, Balkan kebabs with onion and avjar), pork schnitzel - and vegetable stir-fry for vegans and vegetarian burger with cheese for vegetarians.  Desserts include cheesecake, miso-brownie, apple-cake and icecreams, while drinks so far are basically tea / coffee / hot-chocolate  (though the restaurant has a bar-counter, so this may change). 

Breakfast is served from 8am - 11:30am, while lunch, starters and mains are 12-noon to 9:30pm.   Days to be advised, but probably seven days a week, initially at least.

Phone:   083 814 1820
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Chicken ciabatta, served with side salad and chips

Menu with detachable pages

Shorter hours Monday to Wednesday, for January anyway:
January 2024 opening hours

A week before opening day

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