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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Thérapie Clinic, Edward Square

Ireland's largest aesthetic clinic opened in Edward Square in the 3rd week of January 2024.

They're in a unit on the north side of the square, officially 35 Barrack Lane, which is just down from the inner-city New Look fashion store. This shop was home to HMV records until 2016, and then Cara Pharmacy

This clinic has been planned for some time:  there were signs about jobs there in June 2021, but the Covid shutdowns etc mean the fit-out has only been completed very recently.   Their website lists this as their only Galway address, so probably replaces the clinic next to Espresso 44 in William Street.

Services provided include skincare treatments for acne and oily skin, scarring, ageing w rinkles, rosacea / redness pigmentation and sun damage, skin theøry peels, hydrafacials, micro-needling, thérascan; cosmetic injections, dermal fillers and lip-fillers; Body sculpting, and laser hair removal (Optilase) as well as Therapie Fertility.

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Phone: 091 530773

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