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Friday, July 22, 2022

Cavavin, the Wine Shop

This locally-owned franchise wine shop opened their first Galway store in early July 2022.

They're part of a large network of independent wine sellers, originating in France and now found in places as diverse as the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, French Guyana, Reunion Islands, Ivory Coast and The Congo - and now Ireland.

Products include a fine selection of wines and spirits from France and elsewhere, with a cellar that is built based based on long term partnerships with winegrowers, and includes small artisan wines. They aim to be a place where you can enjoy discovering authentic wines and spirits. And they provide a range of wine-accessories and glassware.

They're based in Cross Street, where Habit Coffee Retail used to to be.

Open seven days a week, until 8pm daily.

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January 2023

Opening week

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