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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food 4 Thought

Telephone:  +353 (0)91-565854
Address:  5 Lower Abbeygate St, Galway City

This cafe is in Abbeygate St, in the pedestrian area just across the road from the former pro-cathdral building.  Their food includes an interesting range of vegetarian options (cashew lasagne etc), but the made-while-you-wait menu includes a range of meat items too.  Their previous signage included the title "Vegetarian and Wholefood Restaurant", but a recent re-decoration has changed this to "Bia don Smaointeoireacht"

The space isn't large and the tables are all bar-stool height, so getting from the door to the counter can be challenging at busy times, especially if you're short.   It's not a place to linger, but fine for a quick lunch or coffee, with nice scones and hazelnut-and-chocolate biscuits.  Open from 8am on weekdays, sometimes open from lunchtime on Sundays afternoon too.

They won  Galway’s Best Café award in 2010, and were in the finals of the the Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh award which recognises use of Irish language in businesses.   

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