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Friday, July 28, 2023

Revive Café, Eyre Street

Update early 2024

By mid February, a "closed until further notice " sign appeared on the door.

This was there for a few weeks, disappeared again, and it seemed that the cafe was sometimes re-opened again.  Then it closed again.

Eventually they announced permanent closure on their website, sometime in May-ish.

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Address:  35 Eyre Street, Galway, Ireland

Phone: (091) 533 779

Update - July 2023

After a total refurbishment, Revive has returned to Galway's cafe-scene.

Looking exactly the same on the outside,  they've got new management (I think), a smaller cafe because space has been used to make a better entrance for the accommodation upstairs, and no outdoor dining patio.   

But the lovely coffee, tasty cakes and excellent service are most welcome!

Days and hours are TBA:  so far they appear to be closing by 1pm each afternoon. 

Address:  35 Eyre St, Galway City


Revive closed permanently on Sunday day 22 April 2023.

Open 8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Sunday.

Address:  35 Eyre St, Galway City
Phone:  091 533 779

This stylish cafe has moved several times in the last few years, including a stint in the late-lamented Bar 903, which was a very strange place to find a cafe.

But since 2010, they've settled back into the refurbished home-base in Eyre St, just across and down the road from Debenhams, underneath the Eyre Square Townhouse apartments.

It's a sister-cafe to Revive in  High/Cross St, a little more up-market and refined without tourists buying ice-creams.

The outdoor patio area at the rear was added a little later, and provides handier access for people shopping in O'Tootle's hardware or Debenhans / M&S:

Nice coffee, friendly helpful staff, and a particularly wickedly chocolate rocky road at a very reasonable price.

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