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Thursday, July 27, 2023

McGreals XL, Forster Street

McGreals Forster Street XL newsagents / convenience store (trading as Omacon Forster Street Ltd) is located near to top of Forster Street, next door to the Aran Ferry office, just down from Forster Street Turkish barber,  and immediately across the road from Hyde hotel.  

They re-branded the previous MACE at that location during June / July 2023, which had been operating under the Hynes name for a good many years.   There was doing a good bit of re-organising the interior and  with more to come, including a new deli.

Products include newspapers, loto, bread and ice-cream, as well as tea/coffee, sandwiches and wraps.

Days and hours to be advised:  these stores are usually open seven days a week, for quite long hours.   But  despite being diagonally across from the Galway Coach Station, this store tends to be a little quieter and close early than some in the afternoon. 

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