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Monday, August 24, 2020

Dew Drop Inn

This long-standing Galway-city centre pub, established in 1902, was originally two pubs, An Tobar and the Dew Drop.

Famous in living memory for being the first bar in Ireland to ban smoking - and doing so before it was legally required, the previous owner, Ronnie Greaney, decided to retire in early 2020, around about the time that Covid-19 gave all Irish pubs an unexpected holiday.

Following extensive refurbishment, the establishment is under the new management of Galway Bay Breweries.  This makes it a sister-pub of The Oslo in Salthill, the Salthouse in Raven's Terrace - and (at the moment) nine other bars - mostly in Dublin.

Re-opened on 20 August 2020 as a restaurant, they're doing sandwiches, pizza and pasta - as well as craft beer served in anything from a half-pint to a growler.   It remains to be seen if food is an on-going part of the experience, or an interim concession to normal-for-now.


Advertisement: Dew Drop Inn souvenir t-shirts

(featuring last year's paint-job)

man wearing Galway souvenir memento t-shirt from the Dew Drop Inn pub

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