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Monday, August 24, 2020


 Avenue cafe/restaurant opened in August 2020, and was the first new cafĂ© to in Galway city after the Covid-19 closedown in 2020.

They're located at the intersection of High Street and Cross Street, where The Pie Maker (and before that Revive Grill and Cafe, Latin Quarter Wine Bar - and many few others) - were previously.  Once-upon-a-time this was a long-standing drapery shop.

The opening menu was an interesting mix of Bagder and Dodo coffee, and Neo-to-Go takeaway Asian street food following Neo's success with this at their Dock Road restaurant, but by 2021 the focus was very much on the coffee.

When it's been allowed, there is outdoor seating available for coffee-drinkers.  There is a large room upstairs - not clear whether it's being used at the moment, but that may just be to enable social distancing.  Hopefully the corner table, which is a great spot for people-watching in Quay Street, will be in use again soon.

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