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Monday, August 24, 2020

Avenue Cafe / Restaurant

Update, November 2023

The signs are gone, the windows are frosted over.  There are no signs, and they didn't really "do" social media - but it looks very much like Avenue is closed.   

Avenue Cafe / Restaurant - October 2023

October 2022


Avenue cafe/restaurant opened in August 2020, and was the first new café to in Galway city after the Covid-19 closedown in 2020.

They're located at the intersection of High Street and Cross Street, where The Pie Maker (and before that Revive Grill and Cafe, Latin Quarter Wine Bar - and many few others) - were previously.  Once-upon-a-time this location was even long-standing drapery shop.

The opening menu was an interesting mix of Badger and Dodo coffee, and Neo-to-Go takeaway Asian street food following Neo's success with this at their Dock Road restaurant.  In mid-2021 the focus was very much on the coffee - but the Neo menu was still very much being served.

Downstairs, there's outdoor seating available for both coffee-drinkers and noodle-eaters.  There's is a large room with seating upstairs, with a corner table, which is a great spot for people-watching in Quay Street

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