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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Alex Fone Fix

This mobile phone repair and electronic gadgets shop, which opened in early September 2020, is located in the centre of Galway city, on the corner of Middle St and Abbeygate Streets - just around the corner from Bubble Bee cafe.

It is in the small corner shop unit which was an XL convenience store before closing with the Covid-19 shutdown in March 2020 - and the shop itself has had a thorough face-lift in between.

Services they provide include cell-phone repairs, phone unlocking and assessors, as well as selling new mobile device speakers and other accessories, and most-likely used/reconditioned iPads and laptops.


Corner store configured as a cellphone repair and accessories sales store, with a wide variety of products displayed in the window, and shutters to provide security when the store is closed.

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