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Friday, April 30, 2021

Bangin' Noodles

Despite the dodgy name, the 1 April official launch date and the underwhelming on-street presence, Bangin' Noodles really is a new restaurant in Galway city, offering imaginative noodle-based creations - on a takeaway basis for now.

Describing themselves as 
"an underground pop-up restaurant"  
"a Pot Noodle on Magic Mushrooms" 
they're based in St Augustine Street, using in the basement premises which was (is?  will still be?  who knows!)  De Burgos bar and club - next door to scout den, and underneath the Vincent de Paul offices.

If you drive by, you might spot their banner handing on the railings

Red street banner #SendNoodez advertising new restaurant

You might even spot a cryptic sticker in a strategic location around the city.    But poke your head around the corner in Augustine Street, and there they are at the bottom of the stairs.   

The opening menu includes gems like spicy Birria, green-Thai curry, sweet-potato Massa, with beef or chicken.

Hours were Thursday - Sunday, 4-8pm when they first opened - but more like 12-noon to 9pm now.

See the menu on their pages, or find it thru their Insta feed.

On-street menu board, May 2021

Facebook | Instagram | Web  |  Phone 085-2266610

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