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Friday, June 18, 2021

Istanbul Street Foods

Previously Pomegranate all-you-can-eat Turkish buffet, this restaurant re-opened in May 2021 as the Covid-compliant Istanbul Street Foods, offering both takeaway and sit down (initially in very limited numbers out side the door). It closed again for another re-furbishment in December 2021, when 8pm closing was required. 

It is located in Eglinton Street, in between Capital Kebab House and Euro Giant, and underneath the Eglinton Snooker Club.

The menu includes burgers, chicken, chips and pizza, as well as slightly-more eastern sounding skewer kebab wraps and shish, and Turkish-style tantuni wraps, pite, lahmacun and Turkish pizza.

They have no social media presence or published contact details as yet, but you can order through Just Eat.

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