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Friday, June 18, 2021

Gatto Rosso - Eyre Square

This new-to-Galway Italian restaurant is located in the Georgian houses at the west end of Eyre Square, next to the Skeffington Arms hotel, in the unit which was previously a Spar shop. 

It opened in June 2021, during the outdoor-dining-only period following the Covid-19 level 5 closedown - but there's plenty of indoor dining space too.

The menu is everything you'd expect:  pizza, pasta and more, and the vibe is cheerful and welcoming - bringing a welcoming dining option to this side of the city-centre, close to the bus and train stations.

Phone   (091) 568 912 
Address  25 Eyre Square

Open Again - January 2023

Ready for spring showers in Galway's Eyre Square 

Sausage pizza?  On the menu at Gatto Rosso 

December 2021 - outdoor dining enhanced with umbrellas, wind-breaks and Christmas light-rivers

People dining outside Gatto Rosso - The Red Cat - Italian restaurant in central Galway.
June 2021, outdoor dining only

Winter holiday, 2023

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