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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ember Firehouse


The fire has gone out!

There's no sign in the restaurant window, and no updates on social media or the website, but sometime in late November / December 2023, Ember Firehouse just stopped opening.

Ember Firehouse, closed at dinnertime on the Thursday before Christmas 2023



After renovating their well-located and extremely-compact building, Ember Firehouse, located at 7 Quay Street, opened gently their restaurant in the 3rd week of January 2022.  This is traditionally a quiet time of the year, but good for fine-tuning a new restaurant / takeaway without facing mad crowds.

They're in the Riordan's building, next door to X'ian Chinese Streetfood, and where Galway Oyster House was last summer.   The building and signage are low-key, but the bright-red features are cheerful and energetic - and hint at a firey blast for the taste-buds. There's one bench outside to start with, and quite possibly seating upstairs too.

The opening menu wass a carefully considered mix of flame-grilled free-range chicken, two substantial vegetarian / vegan options, and a range of side dishes and sauces.   Later in the year, flatbreads with lamb and beef options were added .

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Phone:  091 707342


Updated menu, May 22

Ember Firehouse chicken restaurant: brown/grey restaurant walls, with firehouse-red door and windowframes.   Set up by the team from Handsome Burgers in Dominick Street - but with a classier menu.

Chicken:  half, quarter, thigh-and-drum or pita.  Veg:  Grilled aubergine, Infamous Cabbage.  Sides:   fries, crispy spuds, rice, pitta, green salad, braised lentils, charred greens.  Sauces:  house piri-piri, rosast garlic aoili, chimchurri, lamon and chilli stinger.   Kids menu - chicken and chips.
Opening menu

February 2022 - a bigger, better sign, and some wind-breakers for the outdoor table:

February 2022 - a colour-coordinated canopy and windbreakers, and yes, there is more seating upstairs

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