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Monday, January 31, 2022

Nana's Teas

This traditional Chinese tea shop with a modern twist was invented in Bray in 2020, expanded to Cork and Killarney, and opened their first Galway store in High Street in late January 2022.

They're in the former Enable Ireland shop, right next to Mocha Beans Express / Kenny Joes Gelato and the former Faller Sweaters.  The shop has been totally refitted, and now has gleaming tiled surfaces, befitting the fresh, fine-tea experience that Nana aims to offer.

The menu includes bubble-waffles, and a range of milk teas (flavours include bubble, taro, coconut, pudding, grass-jelly, red-bean and more), fruit teas (including strawberry, mixed berries, mango, grape, grapefruit and passionfruit - all served as cheezos) and Nana's specials and seasonal selections.

Open seven days a week, 12-noon until 8pm.

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Address:  23 High Street

Open into the evening  - September  2022

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