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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Bridie Murphy's home bakery

The long-awaited city-centre outlet for Bridie Murphy's locally owned and operated bakery opened in in mid-February 2022.

As well as coffee, their range includes many of the interesting scones and loaves that have been available from McCambridges and others - and a good number of new-to-the-city-centre sweet-treats and breads too.

They're located in a fully-refurbished shop, which was for many years The Joke Shop / Costume Hire - located in Mainguard Street, between the Dew Drop pub and St Anthony's and Claddagh Credit union.

There's a very limited amount of indoor seating in the window, and only a small outdoor area at the moment, due to the position of bicycle parking in the pedestrian area:  hopefully it can be moved so that Bridie's light can shine.

Usually open seven days a week - but they do vary hours around quiet times of the year.

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