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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

RÉ NAO Xi'an Bar & Restaurant

Serving traditional Chinese cuisine with heart, this restaurant is located in the ground floor of the Portmore Building in Spanish Parade.  They opened,on 31 January 2022 - the night before Chinese New Year.

This is where Limegrass used to be, but the main entrance has moved around the corner to face the river and there's a more-structured sheltered outdoor dining area surrounding the building.

The menu is wide-ranging, focussing on Asian fusion, handmade specialty noodles and traditional Chinese dishes and RÉ NAO is one of the first restaurants to display a totally separate vegan menu with multiple vegan dishes on offer for both lunch and dinner.    They say "we’re about much more than simply food. We create time-honoured dishes with genuine love, and we find our joy in delighting you".

Drinks on offer include bubble teas and cocktails, as well as the most traditional beer.

Open form 12-noon until 11PM, seven days a week.

Takeaway is available via Deliveroo, too.

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Phone: (091) 534 935 

January 2024, after Storm Imelda destroyed the outdoor area


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