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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Galway Tourist Office

The Galway city tourist office is now located in the Galway museum building in Spanish Parade, making use of the space that was previously Kitchen Cafe.

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Galway Tourist information centre, June 2022

How to find Galway Tourist Office

Go to the bottom of Quay Street, and cross the road to the large plaza area.

Spanish Arch is the small archway at the far side of the plaza, beside the white building (Comerford House).    

Spanish Arch, Galway.   (The other arch is called "Blind Arch" because it is closed off)

Walk through the Spanish Arch.  On the other side, on your left you will see the Galway City Museum, which is built around a courtyard.

The museum entrance is at the left end of the building.   The tourist office entrance is a small doorway to the right of this (1).  To get there, you can either walk across the courtyard and up the stairs - of there is a cleverly hidden wheelchair-accessible ramp starting at the right side of the building (2).


Previous tourist information offices

For many years, the main Galway city Tourist Office was based in a prominent circular-shaped city-centre building building, just across the road from the private Coach Station and around the corner from the bus and train station.

Galway Tourist Office - February 2017

Unfortunately the lease on this location ended in mid-late 2019, and the tourism information office moved across the street to a rather drab shopfront-office in Forster Street, in between to Murty Rabbits pub and Vocho container-based Mexican restaurant and takeaways.

When Covid-19 arrived in Ireland in March 2020, this office was closed and Failte Ireland moved out of it. 

As well as these main offices, a kiosk style office operated in an eclipse-shaped building right at the top of Eyre Square for many years.  This is still sometimes used as a tourist-info point in summer (and has been a box-office for local festivals, and Santa's Grotto at the Christmas market). 

Galway City Tourist Information Point, summer 2021

Galway Comedy Festival Carnival Box Office 2017

Between May 1997 and May 2011, there was also an official Tourist Information Office in Salthill - behind Seapoint and beside the National Aquarium.   Another circular building, this was a lot smaller than main office, but served as a focal point for local accommodation and attractions until a combination of recession and widespread internet access spelt the end.

Salthill Tourist Information Office Oifig Tailte - 2007

Where can you get tourist information now?


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