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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Power Max Vitamin Shop

This healthfood shop opened in June 2022.  It's located downstairs in the Corbett Court (northern) end of the Eyre Square Shopping Centre, near the escalators, in a shop that that sold antiques for many years, and has more recently been a Christmas-gifts store.

First storefront of a Galway-owned Irish company which was founded in March 2020 to produce 100% natural Powermax energy bars.  These bars are hand-made using raw ingredients, are free from preservatives and colorings, have no added sugar and are vegan-friendly.

As well as their own bars, they also supply many different healthy lifestyle items, including energy drinks, protein powders, food-supplements, and Gorilla-wear clothing.

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Phone:    +353 086 8095764

Hi Pro Food Ltd, Ireland, trading as Power Max vitamins

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