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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Trieste Cafe and Winebar

This Italian-styled wine-bar and cafe opened in early 2022, with high expectations about bringing a hint of the Adriatic to Galway, as well as being a daytime cafe.  After a tasty start, they were hit almost immediately by the Covid-19 closedowns.  Thankfully they sprung back to offer an excellent range of at-home treat boxes.   And now the focus is firmly on offering a curated range of cheeses and accompanying wines.

Based in a small unit on the corner of Buttermilk Walk which has played host to lots of developing restaurants, including Il Viccilo and Sangria, they've made excellent use of the extended outdoor dining opportunities during summer.

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Back from the January holiday, 2023

Trieste, August 2022

Early 2020

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