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Saturday, October 29, 2022


BakeBox is a locally owned, Polish-inspired bakery and sandwich shop, which opened in the heart of Galway city on 28 October 2022.

They're located on the corner of Lower Abbeygate and Augustine Streets, in the premises that was previously Gerona cafe abd before that Providence Market Kitchen.  This has been completely refurbished and fitted out as an on-site bakery and retail shop.  There's no outdoor seating and really no scope for it either, but there are a few tables and benches.

There's an extensive produce range:  their own heavy bread, Polish-style flatbread "pizzas" (called zapiekanka) , savoury pies and swirls, sweet treats including baked cheesecake-tarts, eclairs, croissant, brownies, mini-pavlovas, pączki (Polish-style donuts), and more

The exterior is a work-in-progress, but inside there's a feature-wall mural from a local artist, and very stylish display cabinets.

Generally open seven days a week, weekdays until 6pm, and 5pm on Sunday. 

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BakeBox outside view in opening week

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