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Friday, March 10, 2023


In the second week of March 2023, the signs outside Stogde-Face inner-city donut store were changed, the menu was extended to include take-away versions of grilled sandwiches from 56 Central, and Merge was born.  

Nestled comfortably between Tom Nally's barbers and the still-under-renovation former Griffins Bakery, they have a front-row view of Galway's busking performance "Circle" and when the weather warms up it will be a great spot for sipping coffee in the sun.

The decor is pretty much the same, the menu still includes the favourite donuts, cupcakes, ice-creams and coffee - but now has melts (as in melted-cheesy grilled sandwiches) as well.  And the owners are free from the rules of someone else's franchise.   Everyone's a winner, as they say.

Days / hours to be advised - but probably seven days a week.

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