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Thursday, February 1, 2024



In the last week on January 2024, the signs were removed, the building was painted, the windows covered up and the status on Instagram changed to Permanently Closed.


In the second week of March 2023, the signs outside Stogde-Face inner-city donut store were changed, the menu was extended to include take-away versions of grilled sandwiches from 56 Central, and Merge was born.  

Nestled comfortably between Tom Nally's barbers and the still-under-renovation former Griffins Bakery, they have a front-row view of Galway's busking performance "Circle" and when the weather warms up it will be a great spot for sipping coffee in the sun.

The decor is pretty much the same, the menu still includes the favourite donuts, cupcakes, ice-creams and coffee - but now has melts (as in melted-cheesy grilled sandwiches) as well.  And the owners are free from the rules of someone else's franchise.   Everyone's a winner, as they say.

Open Tuesday to Sunday,  daytime hours.

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