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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Friendly bistro

This daytime breakfast / lunch cafe opened on Mon 7 November 2022.

They're based in the Liosbaun Industrial estate at the Tuam Rd entrance, in-between Wildhunter and Poloenz/Foodland, just along from Ulsterbank - in unit 4, which was previously Lunchtime cafe.  With parking available at the door, it's a good midday meal choice for people working surrounding estates as well.  There is some booth-style seating, and regular tables as well.

The opening menu featured Irish classics, with breakfast from 8:30-11:30am including a full and mini-fry, eggs Benedict - and the infrequently-seen eggs Florentine.     Lunch is served from 11:30am to 4pm, and the standard menu is based around panini / ciabatta with chicken, falafel, cheese and bacon options, and your choice of soup, fries and side-salads.  As well, they have carvery-style hot dishes, including a vegan option.   And a good range of scones and sweet slices.

But this is a cafe which is listening to customers.  By early January,  the breakfasts, ealy hours and sandwiches were gone - and there's now a wide range of hot and tasty dinners, available from 12-noon to 6pm

Facebook   |   phone 091 763 675

Friendly Bistro in Liosbaun, serving hot dinners, carvery style, at lunchtime in Galway. January 2023.

BLT ciabatta

Rocky Road slice

Booth-style seating, complemented by rectangular-diagonal background.

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