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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Brazco in Francis Street

This Oranmore-based cafe opened their first city-centre location on 2 November 2022.

They're in Francis Street, across the road form the Abbey church, in the unit which used to be Corner Cafe, and before that was Java John's and then the Galway Roast, just down from the Tax Assist office.   The place has had a full refit and re-design including a new front door which makes it a lot more welcoming.  And it's going to look even better once the cafe-exterior is finished.

The coffee is fantastic, and the treats from their local bakery are absolutely lovely:   This shop smaller than their main cafe in Oranmore, so the food offering is smaller:  a few pre-made (but delicious) speciality bread sandwiches, scones and cakes - all served on wooden platters, with compostable plastics and takeaway cups.

A really positive addition to Galway's coffee scene.

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June 2023 - with outdoor seating 

Cafe counter with weighing scales, a glass-front display area for chilled cakes and sandwiches, scones and muffins displayed on shelves being the counter, and a retro-style coke fridge for cold drinks.  Gourmet jams and spreads, packets of crisps and oatmeal cookies on the display shelving

Chicken sandwich on focaccia, with sundried tomato, pesto an relish./

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