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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shake Milkshake bar


Shake Milkshakes closed in the last week of November 2022, at the same time as the adjoining Leonoidas.    The following year,  Over the Moon Milkshake and Bubble-tea bar opened in the same location.

About Shake

Shake gourmet milkshake bar are based upstairs in the Corbett Court Shopping Centre, in a small kiosk next to Leonoidas Chocolates. 

They opened in in April 2009, aiming to serve quality milkshakes to go, blended from a wide range of unusual (for milkshakes) and yet delicious ingredients.  These include chocolates a popular chocolate-bars, biscuits (Oreo Shakes, anyone?) cereals, cakes / desserts, fresh fruit, proteins, and more.

Open seven days a week, it's incredibly busy at the weekend, but with good systems and well-trained staff so the queues are never long.


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