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Monday, January 16, 2023

Bowling and Market


Bowling and Market announced in mid-December 2022 that this would be their last Christmas, and the store closed for good on 4 January 2023, leaving an empty shop (previously Scrumdiddlys) on one side, and the Dough Bros office and storeroom on the other.

Original listing

This concept shop, which aims to combining the ease of online shopping with the fun of going out opened in opened in May 2015.  Their aim is to offer a curated range of clothing, sourced from Paris, London and Spain, which combines elegance with comfort and style, making time for living-easy elegance for every body.

They're in a relatively small shop near the top of Middle Street, previously the home of Creative Stitches repairs and alterations.

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Phone:   0876166340
Address: 1 Middle Street, Galway, H91 AK13

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