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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Pizza and Pasta Napoli

This unassuming Italian restaurant is found in Cross Street, tucked into a small shop/kitchen unit between Tigh Neachtains pub and 2 Wild Geese design/giftstore - near the top of Kirwan's Lane.  

Don't be fooled by the lack of pretension.  The food you'll fine here is genuine Italian pizza and pasta dishes - they describe it as real Italian food, made by real Italian people.  It's always fresh:  given how busy they are it has to be.   And they sell pizza by the slice, for a reasonable price.

They've also had Pizza Amore, an indoor dining restaurant further along the street - but that hasn't re-opened since the Covid-19 closedowns.   But they were busy during the recovery in 2020 / 21, helping places which done food before to install pizza ovens and serve up delicious €9 treats.

There are a couple of tables inside, but this is mostly a takeaway / outdoor dining kind of place.   The surrounding buildings  provide shelter from the wind, and there's a canopy to keep the rain off too. The decor is an interesting mix:  an American 1960s Coca Cola + waitress sign outside, with blue and white mediterranean tiles covering the walls inside.

Most years, they close for a month or two in January / February, to give the staff a chance to relax and visit family. No need to put up signs - everyone in Galway knows that when the weather warms up, they'll be back again!


Phone:   (091) 532 806     |      Email:

Back from the winter holiday, 2023



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