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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tribe Coffee Shop, Francis Street

This tiny plant-based coffee shop opened in the last week of March 2023.

They're in a small shop in Francis Street, next door to Julie's Hairdressers and just along the street from the Abbey Church and across from Osteria Simone.  This shop was Evergreen Florists until the Covid closedown in 2020, and then a very short-term balloon shop for Valentine's Day in 2020.  Tribe have worked hard to make the place look inviting:  the wood is gleaming and they have a range of small houseplants with space for displaying more.   

Opening week signs are home-made but effective, complementing the decor well, but better ones are probably on the way.

The coffee menu is extensive, complemented by plant-based milks, and there's a carefully-chosen range of vegan snacks and non-caffeinated drinks too.  

Initially it was takeaway only - but after a couple of weeks some outdoor seating appeared, and some of the plant stands were replaced with a  table. 

A very welcome addition to this corner of Galway city.

Insta  |  more soon ...

A few weeks after opening   the signs are up and there's seating outside 

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