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Saturday, October 28, 2023

West Coast Herbs

This retail outlet is run by the new company, founded by a family of herbalists, and registered in early September 2023.  

Their first Irish store is in Galway's Market street - across the road from the Portershed (ex Connaught Tribune office) and Kozzys barbershop.  It opened in late October 2023.

The metallic gold paint shopfront makes a real statement in the street, lifting the tone of an otherwise grey area - in the shop next to Finnegan's restaurant, which was previously Don Corleone Barbers,

Products sold in the shop are broadly described as "Cosmetic and Toilet Articles" - and are focussed items that are handmade in Galway, including herbal self-care products, creams and balms, botanical skincare, natural perfumes, artisanal soap, aromatherapy, mushrooms, herbal medicines, Ayurveda products, Chinese medicines and natural fibre clothing.

Opening days / hours are TBA.

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Making a statement in September 2023

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