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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Jungle cafe, Prospect Hill

Jungle opened their new café in Prospect Hill in the 2nd week of November - complementing Little Jungle in Forster Street, and Jungle Beach Break in Salthill, and replacing the original Forster Street Jungle Cafe

They're in a shop next to Shake Dog, which was previously home to Armázem Brazilian grocery shop - this has been very thoroughly renovated to create a kitchen and large outdoor-style dining area at the back, which is useable in the "best" of Irish weather, and decorated in a unique jungle-style.   This is also two doors up the street from The Ol' 55, and immediately across from County Hall.

Open seven days a week, they serve breakfast from 8:30am - 12noon (from 9am on Sundays), and lunch from 12-noon to 4pm.   The menu is compact and tasty, including gems like Mojo Rojo toast, coconut-banana pancakes, Huevos Rancheros, Veru sandwich, and crispy corn bites.  The coffee is lovely, and there's a great range of scones and pastries - and the staff are warm, friendly and efficient.

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Phone:   (091) 562 858

Jungle cafe - next to the bright red door, the closest cafe to Galway County Hall
November 2023 - the new Jungle Cafe

The new Jungle Cafe in context, just up from the Ol' 55 / Tigh Mossy 

Breakfast menu

Lunch menu

The fragrant Veru sandwich

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