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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Jack J Foleys

This new pub in Galway opened on 16 March 2024 - just in time for the St Patrick's Day parade to go past.   

They're at number 1  Eyre Square, where Richardson's used to be, and they've spent months working hard on cleaning and renovating the interior to give a classic Irish pub vibe.  In the last week or so, the outside has had most of the old bright yellow-and-blue colour scheme removed, replaced with tasteful white and a traditional-looking sign.  There's probably more work to be done on the exterior in the next few weeks, but inside the bar appears to have been thoroughly redesigned and thoughtfully-lit.

There are no public announcements, social media or even beer signs outside yet - but it's pub in Galway so will probably have Guinness at least flowing freely in the first weekend.

Watch this space for more info, and pictures of the inside (possibly not until the madness of Paddy's Day has subsided!)

Foleys -a new pub where Richardson's used to be.

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