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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Heart of Galway

After weeks of careful preparation, Heart of Galway, the city's newest, locally-owned gift-store, opened their doors on Saturday 2 March 2024, after putting up exterior signs on 27 February.

They're located at the top of High Street, in between Nally's barbers and the lime-green movie set that was previously Griffin's Bakery.   This shop was previously home to Stodge Face (which became Merge), and before that Boston Donuts.  

Just like it says on the sign, their product's are Irish gifts (things like Guinness-flavoured chocolates, brass dook knockers, cute miniature sheep) and clothing - including some reasonably priced tee-shirts, hoodies, caps and more.  They also have a stand of postcards which spent some of the first day outside -  keeping that dry will be a challenge!

Days / hours are still to be announced, but given the very central location it's likely to be a seven-days-a-week store.

No social media found yet - watch this space.

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