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Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Cupán Tae - an original Irish tea shop


An Cupán Tae closed in October 2022.

Address:  8 Quay Lane, Galway.
Phone:  +353 (0)91 895 000

This tea-shop, which is more like a traditional cafe, opened in 2011, just across the road from the Spanish Arch.   Don't let the official Quay Lane address fool you:  the cafe entrance feels like it's on Flood st / Spanish Parade, next to Cobwebs, just down from Weavers of Ireland.
Set up to look like an Irish granny's parlour, there's with plenty of chintz some mismatching antique chairs and a wide range of china, including some serious tea-pots.

Gentlemen of Galway!!!  Fight the frills and eat it anyway, there's nothing girlie about out food!

Despite looking like the ultimate tourist trap, the café has become remarkably popular with locals.  The menu inclues standard cafe fare, specialist afternoon teas (priced per person, choose three sandwich fillings!) - and a fantastic  selection of teas from places your granny never even knew existed.

The tea sounds expensive, at 3.50 - 4:50 per pot.  But the pots have a good 2-3 cups, making it very good value.  The standard range of coffee-based drinks is available too, also at reasonable prices.

Open 8am - 6pm Mon to Saturday, and 10am - 6pm on Sundays, with extended hours during summer.

If you can't make it to Galway, you may like the branch in Kenmare (064 664 2001).

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