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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cafe Venice / Venice Cafe Restorante

Phone:   091 530-751

The look and feel of a back-street Italian café, set in the back streets of Galway city.

Opened in mid 2011, in the site of the former Trisha's.  Initially very quiet, but a few excellent reviews on TripAdvisor meant that tourists started finding it.

Unlike Trisha, the Italian lads don't like early mornings, so don't be looking for for a fry at 8am.   There is a great range of Italian options during the day, though, and in the evening they switch to a dinner menu and stay open as long as the customers keep coming.

Italian food, nicely done in a small, friendly environment.   The tables are very close together, so it's not the place to have intimate conversations.   Stylish, but not pretentious about it, at realistic prices.

A nice nice spot for a coffee during the day.

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